Post Work

Here is a collection of some of my projects related to post audio work.  All links are to my YouTube channel.  Any video YouTube generates as a "related video" I take no responsibility for.

Kiddie Pool


This is a SpiderFlix production that Dylan Benson handled all of the post audio work for including sound design, foley, and mixing. 



This is a SpiderFlix production that all the audio was recorded live by Dylan Benson, and all the post audio, including foley, was done by Dylan Benson.

Red Tails Trailer


All of the sound effects, music, dialogue, and all other audio was replaced by Dylan Benson. 

Mark Bright Podcast



This video was made for an unrelated project, but all the ADR, background, and sound effects were recreated by Dylan Benson.  No production audio was used. 

Mega Mind Movie Clip

This clip from the movie Mega Minds was also relieved of it's original audio.  My role was the voice acting for Mega Mind, large sound effects, and much of the foley walking. 

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