Live Events

Here is a list of a few live events that I have taken part in.

Disney and Disney Performing Arts

I have worked as a tech for both Disney Performing Arts (DPA) and Disney. DPA includes set and tear down for live and studio performances as well and mixing and recording live audio that is synced to a video. The work is then added to a video and burnt to a DVD.

Also responsible for set up, tear down, mixing, and running sets for the live bands in the parks. Mix both on consoles, and iPads synced to consoles.

Carnival Cruise Lines

I was an audio tech aboard the M/s Carnival Miracle.  I was responsible for running all of the audio for the live shows (FOH) which included mixing a nine piece band, monitors, multiple singers, and backing tracks. 

Also responsible for load in and out, set up, tear down, monitor mixing, equipment repair and installation, pyrotechnics, managing and maintaining all audio systems throughout the entire ship, and coordinating rehearsals for fly-on entertainment.

University of Central Florida Orchestra Recording

Working with Johnson Digital Audio, I was a audio tech at the start and finished the night a a camera operator working with UCF TV.

Dining With The Dean

Here as an audio tech and production assistant in an episode of Dining With The Dean.

Taste (Club in Orlando)

Here is an image of what I worked with at one of my times being the Front of House operator for the club/restaurant Taste in Orlando.

Winter Park High School 

Here I worked as an audio tech for a Winter Park high School musical. This included microphone placement, cable layout, and gear/equipment set up. (This was not as a high school student. We were third party contractors for the school.)

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