Field Recording and Game Audio

Below is a collection of some work I have done field recording for.  All links are to my YouTube channel.  Any video YouTube generates as a "related video" I take no responsibility for.

Aviation Recording

This was a self erected project to capture some audio of WWII planes.  We managed to capture more sounds as well.  Dylan Benson is the person in the grey and blue polo shirt.

Parabolic Mic Recordist (ESPN and NBC Sports)

Experience in live action sports audio capture.  Get close, and don't move from the football player charging toward the microphone until the sound is captured.

Boom Operator

Dylan Benson has been a boom operator on multiple film shoots.  He has crouched under tables, laid down behind cars, and crawled under roofs to make sure he got the best sound.

Sound Mixer

Benson has also been the sound mixer on multiple film shoots.  He is quick to make sure levels are the best they can be while EQing a room to perfection.

Game Audio

Access to Fmod and UDK allow me to work on implementing audio in video games.  ProTools and other software help allow me to create sound design elements.

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